Narasimha Chari

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Chari is Founder and Chief Architect at Tropos Networks. Along with Devabhaktuni Srikrishna, Chari was responsible for developing Tropos Networks' core intellectual property, including the design and development of the company’s wireless networking and routing protocols. Currently, he focuses on system and product architecture, product planning and leads the company's advanced development efforts. Prior to founding Tropos, Chari was a research scientist at Harvard University where he was recognized as a top lecturer and received the White Prize for excellence in teaching. He has performed research, published papers and disclosed patents in a variety of areas of mathematics, physics and wireless networking.

Tropos Networks is a supplier of metro-scale WiFi systems. Tropos' mission is to enable ubiquitous, carrier-class, broadband wireless data networks that provide anytime, anywhere broadband data networking. Tropos Networks is funded by Benchmark Capital, Intel Capital, Boston Millennia Ventures and Voyager Capital.

Chari holds a BS in Mathematics and Economics from the California Institute of Technology and an AM in Physics from Harvard University. He is a member of the IEEE Communications Society, IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Standards Association and the Association for Computing Machinery. Chari is interested in a wide spectrum of technologies and their business applications. A few of his interests: wireless technologies, networking and data communications, computing, open source, genetics, neuroscience, quantum physics.

Venky Ganesan

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Venky is a Managing Director based in Globespan Capital’s Palo Alto office where he focuses on enterprise software and infrastructure investments. His active portfolio consists of investments in Exeros, Fogbreak, Nominum, Plaxo, Sendia, and Steelwedge.

Prior to Globespan, Venky was a Vice President of JAFCO Ventures where he focused on enterprise software investments. Prior to founding Trigo Technologies, Venky was an Associate in JAFCO's Boston office where he envisioned the idea behind Trigo and where the company was incubated at the time of inception. As co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Trigo Technologies, Inc. Venky played an integral role in helping the company take the leadership position in the product information management space. Trigo was accquired by IBM resulting in a substantial investment return for all investors.

Previously, Venky worked with McKinsey & Co. in their Los Angeles and Johannesberg offices. He also was a program manager at Microsoft's Encarta group. Venky received degrees in Computer Science, Math, and Economics from both the California Institute of Technology and Reed College.

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